Rising Prices on Camera Equipment

Never a month seems to go by without a camera manufaturer releasing new lenses and cameras at ever increasing prices.

In this last couple of days Sigma have announced an update to their Excellent 150mm F2.8 macro lens. This lens has an updated design and has introduced OS which is Sigma’s Optical Stabilisation system.

The old lens was very well regarded and had a street price, here in the UK of £579. with the announcement of the new model Sigma have placed a RRp on this new lens of $1600 in the United States. At the current exchange rate this equates to about £1000 which is nearly double. I know that RRp is very rarely paid these days but I cant help think that this new lens will hit the streets at the £800-£850 point.

Other recent lenses include a complete update of Canon’s supertelephoto prime lense series. Below Ive listed the lens along with the price for the old model and the price for the new updated model. Now since these lenses were considered to be optically almost perfect anyway, it makes you wonder why the almost doubling of prices.

These prices are street prices and not RRp (Recommended Retail Prices)

Canon 300F2.8IS – Old model £3500, new model £6900

Canon 400 F2.8IS – Old model £6200, new model £9900

Canon 500F4 IS – Old model £5400, new model £9000

Canon 600F4 IS – Old model £7100, new model £11300

thats my little rant over for now, but it seems to me that manufacturers are pricing these and other lenses out of reach of most people which is a great shame. if you have any comments I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Colin Carter



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