Osprey Heaven

Bird photography opportunities in Florida are amongst the best in the world and if one of your favourite birds is the Osprey, or to give it its Latin Name Pandion Haliaetus then Florida is the place to go. I did the research before I left home and discovered a large lake called Blue Lake Cypress near Vero Beach that was nicknamed Osprey Heaven that during the bird breeding season, between December and April attracted around 300-500 Osprey’s.

I got in touch with Joe and Jeanne Middleton, the owners of Middleton’s Fish Camp on Blue Cypress Lake, and chartered a pontoon boat, for Mike and Myself, for 4 hours on 2 different days. Well Florida being Florida the weather was perfect on both days.

To say this place is amazing is an understatement, from usually seeing an occassional Osprey, here in the UK, from a great distance away, being on a pontoon boat on this lake allows you to get within 20 feet of hundreds of Cypress Trees each holding Osprey nests. While you are drifting along the shore line photographing perching birds through the trees, many more Osprey’s are flying very close around and over you bringing fish back to the nests.

I initially started using my Nikon 500F4 Vr lens but ended up using my Nikon 70-200 F2.8VR with a 1.4x TC as this was sufficient for the shots I wanted and was alot more manageable on the moving boat.

Osprey’s are prevalent in Florida but there is no better place than this lake. If you are into bird photography and love Osprey’s, like I do, they I suggest that you check out Middleton’s Fish Camp. Joe and Jeanne Middleton are a great couple. The 2 boat pilots we had were also fantastic and positioned the boats for us while we got on with shooting.

Click Here to go to the rest of my osprey photos on my website

Click Here for the link to Jeanne’s Blog at Middleton’s Fish Camp on Lake Cypress

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Colin Carter.


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