Zenfolio Web Hosting

Just thought I would let everyone know that ive switched my website host from Smugmug to Zenfolio.

My main reason for this was that Zenfolio have teamed up with a UK printLab so that orders can now be fullfilled for UK Customers and Clients and well as for the Rest of the World.

Zenfolio provide a premium account for $100/year (about £62) which gives you web templates to base your site around and also lets you upload as many photos into multiple galleries as you want to, set your own prices and many more options so you too can have your own e-commerce site. Zenfolio take care of the order process and the lab take care of the printing, packaging and posting to the buyer.

Ive currently uploaded some photographs to the new site and will be adding more over the coming days / weeks.

Please, when you have a few minutes, take a look at www.aperture2000.com and I would be grateful for any comments.

Also, if you would like your own website and think Zenfolio is for you then you can build your own site on a trial basis and decide if you want to purchase one of their packages before the trial expires.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a package from Zenfolio I would be even more grateful if you would use the Link below which will give you 10% off the cost of whichever package you go for and also Zenfolio will give me 10% credit for every referral aswell.

Save $5 on Zenfolio

thanks again

Best wishes

Colin Carter ARPS


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