Scotland Trip in May / June

A good friend of mine Randy is coming over from North Carolina at the end of May for 2 weeks of Wildlife / Landscape photography.

Currently the plan is for 3 days on the Farne Islands and then going up to the West coast of Scotland past Eileen Donan Castle and over onto Skye. On the way back down we are going to take Buchaille Evite Mor and the Red Kites feeding station at Bellymack Farm near Dumfrise before stopping in the Lakes district and then finally back Home. From home base we are going to have a couple of visits to Bempton Cliffs, near Bridlington, for the Gannet Colony and stopping in the Fishing Village of Whitby for Fish and Chips on an evening.

Below is our preliminary route for the trip but this may be revised as we get closer to the time with a couple of additional stop points.



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2 responses to “Scotland Trip in May / June

  1. I’m counting down the days now Colin

  2. I cant wait either Randy, its going to be a good trip.

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