Kingfishers – UK update.

It looks like the Kingfisher that I photographed in a previous post has sadly died and one has not been seen at that location since the end of 2010. From talking to other photographers, who visit that location, it seems that the Kingfisher was caught by ringers in their fine netting and was ringed. Ringing goes on at this location on a monthly basis and its something that Ive never been in agreement with but the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds seems to endorse it so it goes on.

The following photo was taken at another location close to the first location in Northumberland


Kingfishers on Branch

This location is in Gateshead at a location called Far Pastures which is near Rowlands Gill just off the A1, past the Metro Centre Shopping Mall. We have had good success with Kingfishers at this location, but unlike the previous location you really need a 500mm lens and a 1.5/1.6 crop frame camera to get some frame filling shots at this location as the perch shown above is positioned further away from the hide.

Hopefully a few visits to Far Pastures, this year, will pay off  with some good showings of these great little birds.

If anyone would like any more information regarding this location, please email me.

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4 responses to “Kingfishers – UK update.

  1. Phil Johnston

    Hi Colin

    Shame about your Fisherking mate, i have never liked the idea of mist nets etc!! Sounds like you have a nice site, i have been looking around my stretch of river, where they nested last year , but no sightings :O( May need to pay you a visit somethime buddy! ;O)

    p.s Cracking website, i am getting one together soon!
    All the best

  2. Wish I could get over there bro, some day, that kingfisher is on my dream list!

    • Ray, your always welcome

      maybe a photo workshop in Scotland taking in the Cairngormes and some of the West Coast Islands for the Eagles? that would be really cool if we could plan that someday.

      hope you and your family are all well

      best wishes


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