Male Crossbill

Mike and I went out to photograph some crossbills that had been seen on Bowes moor (thanks to Ron.hindhaugh for the location).

The two that ive put up are really record shots as its the first time we have seen them.

The ISO needed to be too high, for my liking, as the light was less than ideal and we need to find a way of getting closer as this is a big crop, more than im happy with really. Birds really need to fill 30 – 40% of the frame for me to be really happy and to do them justice to show really fine feather detail on close inspection.

this was taken with the D300, Nikon 300F2.8VRII and Nikon 1.7x TC. which really does show the quality of the Nikon 300 F2.8VRII, probably Nikon’s sharpest Supertelephoto.

However Mike and I had a great day out and it was good to see the Crossbills. We will be going back, only next time we are taking full camoflage hides and are going to try and create a natural perch for the birds to land on.



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2 responses to “Male Crossbill

  1. that is a beauty Colin, very nice shot!

  2. Bill Maughan

    Hi Colin
    Great shot
    Regards Bill

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