Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler by TheApertureMan
Willow Warbler, a photo by TheApertureMan on Flickr.

Willow Warblers can be very trusting little birds and they are currently in large numbers on the North Yorkshire Moors.

This little guy was very tolerant of me and he was flying in and out of my tripod legs and landing on bushes and wire fencing within arms length of where i was sat. I hasd to wait until he landed further away before i could focus on him.

This shot was taken with the following equipment

Nikon D300
Nikon 300F2.8VRII lens
Nikon 1.7x TC
shutter speed – 1/800 sec
aperture – f/6.3
iso 640



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2 responses to “Willow Warbler

  1. Bill Maughan

    Hi Colin,
    Excellent shot, the 1.7tc does not degraded the quality
    Regards Bill

  2. thanks Bill
    the 1.7x TC on the 300VrII is a great combo. It really shows how good the 300VRII lens is

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