Paddies Hole Sunset

Sometimes everything works in our favour.

I went down to Paddies Hole for a couple of hours with my Dad so see what sort of sunset we could get.

I was also trying out my new Nikon 24 F1.4G and 85 F1.4G lenses.

Ive never seen the water at Paddies as flat calm as this before, it was like a millpond and the light was quite special.

This was taken as a 14 shot Panorama, handheld with the 85mm lens at f1.6.

I set the camera to 6 frames per second, prefocused and panned the shot while holding the shutter down. The 1/5000 sec shutter speed allowed me to take this shot handheld without the risk of any motion blur from my fast panning.

Depth of field you get at f1.6 when the subject is say 12 or more metres away was sufficient to give the front boats a little separation but to also provide enough sharpness to the rest of the foreground boats.


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  1. very well done Colin, beautiful image!

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