Nikon UK underhand price increases on D800 and D4

Effective immediately the UK prices of the D800 and D4 are now as follows

D800 up from £2399 to £2599 (in the US the D800 is $3000, in the UK its now – $4600)

D4 increase from £4799 to £5299 (in the US the D4 is $6000, in the UK its now- $8500)

Nikon UK confirmed a “systems error” has resulted in the wrong prices being given for the UK market.

This is bad form on your part Nikon, where UK prices were already vastly higher than say the US. The D4 is now priced the same or higher than Canon’s New 1Dx camera, depending where you look. Dealers are saying that even pre orders might be effected. if any one wants one of these cameras, its now going to be more expensive for a while. I suggest that everyone that doesn’t need one professionally, for their work, hang onto their old cameras. Nikon should not be allowed to get away with this and the only way they will hear us if we hit them financially.

What Nikon have done is look at the Canon prices and the high demand and said we may as well fleece the UK market for more money, they wont complain.

If i decide to get one, I might be going to the US next year and i will get one over there. The difference in cost will effectively give me a free holiday, even accounting for VAT / Import Tax.


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