D800 has arrived

Well after seeing shots from the new cameras, i decided to forget about the D4 and go for the D800 to compliment my D3. The D300 has now gone to its new owner who will hopefully get many years of great service out of it. It was and still is a great camera. The D4 was going to give me nothing over my already superb D3 apart from a huge hole in my bank account (thanks Nikon for the stupidly high price).

thanks to http://www.cliftoncameras.co.uk/for getting me a camera in 2 weeks

I think Nikon have made a huge blunder with the pricing, the D800 is too cheap considering its performance, it leaves the old £5000 D3x in the dust and goes looking for medium format backs to play with which cost £10,000+.

The D800 auto-focuses and meters as good as a D4, only at 4 frames per second rather than 11, and the dynamic range is the best of any DSLR to date. It also walks all over the D4 IQ wise, even the iso is superb upto 6400. Any higher than that and I stop shooting because the light is usually really bad so the shots arnt worth keeping, in my opinion.

The D4, on the other hand is far too expensive for the minor improvements it gives over the D3 / D3s.

I know ive said that Nikon UK have not really been good to us UK buyers, and I still stand by that, the difference in cost between the UK and the US is ridiculous but it is what it is and I suppose we cant change it.

The D800 and D3 should allow me to shoot anything i want to including A2 and A1 landscape prints if necessary.

The increased resolution from the D800 is amazing and the increased dynamic range and iso performance are really noticable.

When you can crop an image down to 20% of its original size and still print a great A3 sized photograph, to say im impressed is an understatement.

At base iso of 100 the files are so clean and grain free, skies have amazing tonal graduations.

Images on the web dont really do the D800 justice so rather than put alot of images here, ive put alot on my flickr site if anyone wants to take a look. They are all tagged D800




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3 responses to “D800 has arrived

  1. Congrats Colin, I have heard great things about the D800, along with some new software that will make things even better., no need for 800mm lenses anymore!!

  2. it certainly is an impressive camera.. and the spec isnt just good to read, it really does wonders in real life. i’d love to own one some day.. not right now! haha. great picture there too. cheers

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