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Evening Falconry Photographic Workshops

Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know that the next Photo Workshop at Sion Hall Falconry Centre has just been announced and its taking place on the 17th May 2014 from 17.30pm onwards.

Full tuition will be available for anyone that wants or needs it to get the most out of the evening photo shoot.

There will be a large variety of birds with both static displays and flying displays.

please see the website for further details and information on booking a place at


or phone Nikki on 01845 587522

hope to see some of you there

best wishes




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Ive just seen this news article on DPReview and the UK’s largest photographic trade show is not being run anymore. The 2013 show which was last February / March was the last one

This is a real shame and it one of the only places in the UK where you could go and see, handle, try and buy camera equipment.


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Falconry workshop Update (15th June 2013)

Hi Guys,

For some reason, an email was sent out stating that the first falconry photography workshop was organised for the 15th June 2014.

It’s actually Saturday the 15th June 2013.

Location Sion Hall Falconry Centre, Kirby Wiske, Nr Thirsk, UK

sorry for any confusion

Best wishes


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Falconry Photo Workshops

Black Kite Portrait by TheApertureMan
Black Kite Portrait, a photo by TheApertureMan on Flickr.

The first evening photography workshop has now been organised for the 15th of June 2013.

I’ve now been appointed as Resident Photographer for Sion Hall falconry Centre, Kirby Wiske, nr Thirsk.

Full instruction will be given regarding shutter speeds, apertures, composition etc, all with the aid of ensuring that you get the best photographs possible on your visit.

An experienced falconer will be flying birds on the evening and helping me with poses for static displays etc

Sion Hall is the best falconry centre I’ve ever been to and I’m happy to be helping the centre out in any way I can. The birds are superbly looked after and handled

The night will run from 17.30 until around 19.30 and the cost is £40.

Please contact the centre on 01845 587522 or click the following link to their site where you can book online


If you would like to see some of the typical shots you will be able to take, please visit my galleries at


As an added bonus, if you want to come for the whole day. You can pay the normal entrance fee and I will be there all day for questions / advise on taking shots of the static displays and during the 3 demonstrations the centre have each day.


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Sparrowhawk Photography

Sparrowhawk 7 by TheApertureMan
Sparrowhawk 7, a photo by TheApertureMan on Flickr.

What an awesome day Mike and I had in a private hide photographing this woodland specialist, the Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Latin Name Accipiter Nisus. We were blessed with amazing light all day and superb views of this awesome bird.

Most people’s sightings of a sparrowhawk are little more than a flash of grey / blue as the hawk flies through their gardens hoping to grab a little bird off their garden feeders.

This bird has been nicknamed Mad Max and he certainly lives up to his reputation, he is fearless and while eating, will happily sit in front of the hide for 20 minutes or so.

Alan McFadyen has painstakingly built a woodland hide in Scotland specifically for photographing this beautiful bird of prey. All of his efforts are now paying off with Mad Max making daily visits through this woodland area. There is nowhere else in the UK where you can get this close to the sparrowhawks and get these sort of photographs.

It should be stated that Mad Max is a totally wild bird and it’s his choice that he makes these visits. Alan did say that if Max nails a blackbird or other bird of similar size then he is done feeding for the day, and thus, like all nature photography, alot of luck is needed to get shots of these amazing birds.

Alan does his absolute best to give photographers the best chance of photographing elusive birds. The various feeders around the hide site are teaming with little birds which are part of the Sparrowhawks daily diet.

I highly recommend anyone wanting great shots of this stunning bird to contact Alan and book a day in his hide, you will not be disappointed. Alan is a great guy and will really look after you during your visit.

More shots are available to see and purchase at my website:

My Sparrowhawk Gallery

Or Book your place here, you will not regret it.



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D800 has arrived

Well after seeing shots from the new cameras, i decided to forget about the D4 and go for the D800 to compliment my D3. The D300 has now gone to its new owner who will hopefully get many years of great service out of it. It was and still is a great camera. The D4 was going to give me nothing over my already superb D3 apart from a huge hole in my bank account (thanks Nikon for the stupidly high price).

thanks to http://www.cliftoncameras.co.uk/for getting me a camera in 2 weeks

I think Nikon have made a huge blunder with the pricing, the D800 is too cheap considering its performance, it leaves the old £5000 D3x in the dust and goes looking for medium format backs to play with which cost £10,000+.

The D800 auto-focuses and meters as good as a D4, only at 4 frames per second rather than 11, and the dynamic range is the best of any DSLR to date. It also walks all over the D4 IQ wise, even the iso is superb upto 6400. Any higher than that and I stop shooting because the light is usually really bad so the shots arnt worth keeping, in my opinion.

The D4, on the other hand is far too expensive for the minor improvements it gives over the D3 / D3s.

I know ive said that Nikon UK have not really been good to us UK buyers, and I still stand by that, the difference in cost between the UK and the US is ridiculous but it is what it is and I suppose we cant change it.

The D800 and D3 should allow me to shoot anything i want to including A2 and A1 landscape prints if necessary.

The increased resolution from the D800 is amazing and the increased dynamic range and iso performance are really noticable.

When you can crop an image down to 20% of its original size and still print a great A3 sized photograph, to say im impressed is an understatement.

At base iso of 100 the files are so clean and grain free, skies have amazing tonal graduations.

Images on the web dont really do the D800 justice so rather than put alot of images here, ive put alot on my flickr site if anyone wants to take a look. They are all tagged D800



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Paddies Hole Sunset

Sometimes everything works in our favour.

I went down to Paddies Hole for a couple of hours with my Dad so see what sort of sunset we could get.

I was also trying out my new Nikon 24 F1.4G and 85 F1.4G lenses.

Ive never seen the water at Paddies as flat calm as this before, it was like a millpond and the light was quite special.

This was taken as a 14 shot Panorama, handheld with the 85mm lens at f1.6.

I set the camera to 6 frames per second, prefocused and panned the shot while holding the shutter down. The 1/5000 sec shutter speed allowed me to take this shot handheld without the risk of any motion blur from my fast panning.

Depth of field you get at f1.6 when the subject is say 12 or more metres away was sufficient to give the front boats a little separation but to also provide enough sharpness to the rest of the foreground boats.

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